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Tailored to Your Group!


Let’s Brave The Cycle

Showing Up and Creating Conversations That Matter

Designed for leaders who are hoping to create spaces where group members can hold vulnerable, significant conversations, this session examines courage, vulnerability, and honesty. We know that, in order for a group to be truly successful at yielding belonging and contribution, honesty must be valued over the illusion of harmony.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) 

Discovering Where You Are For Forward Growth

It is impossible to move ahead without first being aware of where you are. As Qualified Administrators, let us assist you in determining the intercultural competence of your organization and creating a plan for moving forward. This inventory can be administered to professional staff and students. Note: This workshop is best paired with Beyond Symbolism: Meaningful Action and Organizational Change.

Beyond Symbolism

Taking Meaningful Action Toward Change

Too often, particularly in times of social pressure to change and combat oppression, organizations (and individual activists) respond with symbolic changes –– mission statements, listening tours, tokenism, and discussion groups. In this workshop, we will challenge participants to consider the difference between meaningful action and symbolic action.

Ally, Advocate, Accomplice?

Showing Up to Support Others

This workshop is designed to move folks from allyship to accomplices in regards to their abilities to show up for historically marginalized and oppressed groups. Note: this is not about making heroes out of folks with a ton of privilege, but rather, it’s about helping folks see the ways that standing in solidarity with others helps to build better communities.

With Brave The Cycle no two workshops look exactly the same. We listen to your story and build a tailor-made proposal for your organization. 

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