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Who We Are

Brave The Cycle - Dani Badgett, Michael King, Robbie Williford

Our Story 

We met in higher education, where we discovered a common passion and purpose: promoting sincere belonging by engaging in the work needed to cultivate it.

We built this organization because, looking around at our communities, we determined there was a need for folks to have space to come together, engage in honest conversations, and connect their good intentions to meaningful, sustainable actions.

We believe that learning, growing, and impacting our world is cyclical, and we believe the brave way forward is to build cycles that nurture sincere belonging in our communities.


Dani Badgett (she/her)

Facilitator, Trainer, Learner

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As a proud native of Meridian, Mississippi, Dani is passionate about her mission to create opportunities for organizations and institutions to engage in dialogues that shed light on inequity and injustice. She does so through relationally-charged teaching methods that foster empathy, courage, and curiosity. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel Services and Administration, Dani has the skills and experience necessary for creating strategic DEI plans for organizations. Her experiences include Training and Development, Recruitment and Hiring, Curricula Design, and Program Auditing. Over the past 8 years, she has had the opportunity to utilize all of her past experiences to create and design sustainable DEIB efforts for higher education institutions, nonprofits, and corporate entities.


Michael King (he/him)

Facilitator, Trainer, Learner

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With roots in small-town Indiana, Michael King's career in higher education brought him to New York City, where he transitioned from residence life work to the nonprofit sector. Through his education and professional experiences, Michael has developed a varied skillset, including facilitation of group and individual learning, creation and implementation of organizational strategic plans, and facilitation of dialogue across differing identities, experiences, and perspectives. Michael is a believer in the power of storytelling, in its ability to connect us to one another and to connect organizations to the outcomes they need to flourish. His work continues to keep him close to the field of higher education, to a growing emphasis on mental health and emotional wellbeing, and to belonging.


Robbie Williford (he/him)

Facilitator, Trainer, Learner

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Originally from Flint, Michigan, Robbie has worked throughout the midwest in various higher education and student affairs settings, working with students, faculty, and staff to engage with one another on topics that are relevant to today's world. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature/Creative Writing and a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration, he has been working to impact policy changes on a structural level with organizations in the education and nonprofit world for eight years. In his workshops, he focuses on self-reflection, tangible steps to take, and ways of unlearning so people can build new foundations.

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