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Our Approach

We are educators, learners, and facilitators who believe in the magic that happens when we create space for folks to actively explore and learn with empathy, courage, and curiosity.

Core Values


Choosing to find something in me that connects to something in somebody else so we can be closer together.



Moving beyond the comfort
of how things have
always been and showing up
to write a better story.



Stepping away from my detachment by taking interest
and asking questions that just might open new possibilities. 


What does it mean to
Brave the Cycle?

Too often, the conversation surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging feels like a repetitive cycle.

Brave the Cycle is about moving beyond checklist workshops to create meaningful, long-term change.

We create learning environments where
honest sharing is
possible, where
meaningful discoveries are 
made, and where
next steps in a course
of action are identified.

We'll help you Brave the Cycle not just by breaking old patterns, but by building new ones.

Our workshop will be
tailored to your team and its story, and it will be centered around empathy, courage, and curiosity.

Together with you, we'll create space for writing the story in a new direction.

Our goal is to help you and your team build a sustainable vision for profound, sincere belonging.

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