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Here is what you can expect.

Wichita State University 

"I absolutely loved my time with Brave The Cycle. The information was incredibly well put together, informative, challenging, and diverse. I really appreciated the ability to connect with others during class and hear from a variety of perspectives. This was a fantastic way to have guidance and direction for someone who is willing to put in the work."


Carley Enyart
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Carleton College

“The workshop felt educational and thought-provoking while being less emotionally laborious than others – especially for students of marginalized identities feeling like they had to teach others.”


Resident Assistant


North Dakota State University

"I appreciated learning more about anti-racism work, sharing experiences and thoughts with other peers, and being challenged to show up and do the work, day in and day out. Paraphrasing from Angela Davis and from a student in the class, 'We have to start creating the society we envision and want to inhabit and in doing so, we can be gracious with people and impatient with policies.'" 

Brooks Hetle,

Associate Director of Residence Life


Empathy is a foundational skill for every leader on every level of an organization. Being able to find commonalities encourages people to celebrate differences, too. That, to us, is a non-negotiable.


We will give you the action steps necessary to 

cultivate empathy in your everyday life. 

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